Chrome Steel Pillow Block Ball Bearing Ucf208

Chrome Steel Pillow Block Ball Bearing Ucf208

1. Pillow block bearing . Types available: UC series, UCP series, UCF series, UCFC series, UCFL series, UCT series 1) Radial insert ball bearings are particularly easy to fit. They are located on the shaft by means of an eccentric locking collar, grub screws in the inner ring, an adapter sleeve,...

Product Details

1. Pillow block bearing . 

Types available: UC series, UCP series, UCF series, UCFC series, UCFL series, UCT series

1) Radial insert ball bearings are particularly easy to fit. They are located on the shaft by means 

of an eccentric locking collar, grub screws in the inner ring, an adapter sleeve, drive slot or fit. 

2) The radial insert ball bearings are integrated in the housing units. In order to ensure correct

 function and operational reliability in all operating conditions, the bearing and housing are

 matched to each other.

4) Housing materials: cast iron pillow blocks / cast iron plummer blocks /

 sheet steel housings / plastic housings / stainless steel   housings

2. We also can offer following models , please check .

Unit No.Dimensions(mm)Bolt SizeBearing No.Housing No


UCF201128664151226123337.53112.7M10 UC201 F204
UCF202158664151226123337.53112.7M10 UC202 F204
UCF203 178664151226123337.53112.7M10 UC203F204
UCF204 208664151226123337.53414.3M10 UC204 F204
UCF205 2595701614271236403414.3M10 UC205 F205
UCF206 3010883181431124044.53815.9M10 UC206 F206
UCF207 3511792191634144448.54317.5M12 UC207 F207
UCF208 40130102211636165155.54919M14 UC208 F208
UCF209 45137105221838165256.54919M14 UC209 F209
UCF210 50143111221840165559.55219M16 UC210 F210
UCF211 551621302520431958635622.2M16 UC211 F211
UCF212 60175143292048196973.56525.4M16 UC212 F212
UCF213 65187149302250197074.56525.4M16 UC213 F213
UCF214 70193152312254197581.57530.2M16 UC214 F214
UCF215 75200159342256197983.57833.3M16 UC215 F215
UCF216 80208165342258238388.58333.3M20 UC216 F216
UCF217 85220175362463238892.68634.1M20 UC217F217

3. If  need any bearings , please don't  hesitate to contact with us . 


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wechat :+8615861609346 

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