Installation of ball bearing
- Jul 19, 2018 -

The dimensions of the inner ring and outer ring of the rolling bearing are learned.

When the assembly is eccentric, the ball and roller, in the eccentricity, can be placed smoothly, then the holder is installed, the ball or roller is separated and positioned, and the clearance of the bearing is in the best state. The rolling bearing is produced in this way. If you observe carefully, there is a small arc on the inner ring of the rolling bearing, and the ball is loaded from here.

In addition, with the use of the principle of hot and cold contraction and the combination of upstairs, it is installed to tell you, first of all, you take a bearing in the hand, carefully observe, whether there is a cage to separate the balls next, if it breaks the cage, then move the ball to a piece, then separate the inner and outer rings, think carefully, assembly This is the principle. First, put the beads on the top and then keep the rack up. That's OK.

For the centripetal ball bearings, after the inner ring is near the outer ring, the filling angle of a ball is formed. The number of the steel ball is determined by the filling angle, and the filling angle is generally less than 186 degrees. Generally, when assembling, most of the steel balls are loaded. The last steel ball is extruded by the equipment and the outer ring is elastically deformed and loaded. Then the ball is loaded into the cage and riveted to complete the bearing assembly.



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