Several problems often encountered when installing INA bearings
- Jul 19, 2018 -

If the INA bearings enter the iron, dust, or burr and other foreign objects, the rolling bearing will be agitated or vibrate during the operation, and the raceway and rolling body will be damaged seriously, so we must pay attention to the factors of the shaft bearing surface and the installation environment before the bearing is installed.

Let's take a look at what problems we will encounter in the process of installing INA:

1. How should the grease be chosen

Grease is made from basic oil, thickener and additive. The different kinds of grease are different from the same types of grease, and the limit of rotation is different, so we must pay great attention to the choice of the grease. Because lubrication is very important to the operation and life of INA bearings.

The basic oil determines the performance of the grease. The base of low viscosity is suitable for some low temperature and high speed bearings. The high viscosity is suitable for high temperature and high load. At the same time thickener is also related to lubrication performance, thickener water resistance determines the water resistance of grease.

Two. Cleaning before installation

The cleaning of bearings before installation is very important. The surface of the bearings will be coated with a layer of antirust oil. So before this, clean gasoline or kerosene must be carefully cleaned, then a clean high quality or high temperature high temperature grease can be used to install.  The cleanliness of the bearing has a great influence on the life of the bearing and the noise of the bearing, but it needs to be paid special attention to the fact that the full closed bearing does not need to be refueling clearly.

Three, installation of the surface and installation of the site requirements

It is said that if there is a foreign object in the bearing, the rolling and rolling body of the bearing will be seriously affected, so the surface of the bearing must be carefully cleaned before the bearing is installed, and it is also required for the installation place.

Four. Whether the more the grease is used, the better

A common misconception is that when lubricating INA bearings, the more oil the better, the idea is very wrong. The fat in the bearing and the bearing room is too much to be made

The excessive agitation of oil and grease makes the temperature rise.  The number of filling lubricants for rolling bearings should be 1/2 to 1/3 in the inner space of the bearing, and 1/3 should be reduced at high speed.

Five, the smaller the radial clearance of the bearing is, the better?

Of course not. Not all INA bearings require minimal work clearance. We must choose the right clearance according to the conditions. The basic radial clearance group is suitable for general running bars, conventional temperature and common interference fit.

Because the bearing must bear a certain load rotation, and the INA bearing coordination and the load will produce the elastic deformation, so the working clearance after the bearing installation must be smaller than before the installation. In order to check whether the installation is correct, operation inspection must be carried out.


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