What is the difference between the tapered roller bearing and the needle roller bearing
- Jul 19, 2018 -

The cylindrical roller bearing belongs to the precision bearing, which is composed of the cage, the roller and the guide shaft ring, which can be separated from the other bearing ring and belongs to the separable bearing. This kind of bearing is convenient to install and disassemble, especially when the inner and outer ring and the shaft and shell are all the advantages of the interference fit. The bearings are usually only used with the radial load gun, but only the single column bearing with the inner and outer rings can follow the smaller constant axial load or the larger intermittent axial load; Compared with other tired bearings with the same dimensions, this bearing has high load, bottom noise and high speed characteristics. It is very suitable for all kinds of precision machinery and mining mill machinery. However, the relevant parts such as shafts and rollers, which are suitable for such bearings, need precise machining.

Needle roller bearings (NK, NKS, RNA49, RNA48, NKL, NKLS, NA49, NA48, RNA69, NA69, RNA49... RS, RNA49..2RS, NA49..RS, NA49..2RS, RNAO and NAO have compact structure, small radial size, large load capacity, and greater radial load. This kind of bearing has a variety of structure and size series, and the G2 class needle roller is assembled with the diameter of the group less than 2um, and the high sex cage can be used to guide the parallel axis of the needle roller correctly except for the full bearing roller bearing. Different structures, different types, different directions of bearing capacity, different speeds, different loads, different materials, different application occasions, etc.

Fundamental difference: the rolling body of tapered roller bearings is a conical roller, and the roller body of needle roller bearings is needle roller.

The above fundamental difference determines that the structure of the tapered roller bearing is larger than that of the needle roller bearing. In addition to the radial force, the tapered roller can bear the axial force, and the needle roller bearing can only bear radial force.

Tapered roller bearings are divided into single row, double row and multiple columns, which are applied to different environments and occasions.

Tapered roller bearings have higher working speed than needle roller bearings.

Tapered roller bearings are usually made of high quality bearing steel and special steel, while thin walled needle roller bearings are made by stamping steel plates.

In short, these two types of bearings are not the same type of bearing, there are too many different, it is not necessary to compare it is a bit far fetched; the needle roller bearing is a fine and long needle and cage. Cylindrical roller bearings. It consists of a cylinder and a roller. The column is thicker than the needle roller, also known as the coarse needle roller.


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