Attention Should Be Paid To The Use Of NTN Bearings
- Jul 19, 2018 -

If you have found the presence of bruising, debris, rust layer, sand, dust, and soil on the surface of the NTN bearing and the surface of the part that fits with it, the first reason for this is because the bearing is too hard and the position of the assembly is inaccurate, and the second reason is that these attachments are made up. Abrasive and easy to wear bearing surfaces affect assembly quality. Therefore, we should carry out a full examination of the surface of the shaft neck, the shell hole of the bearing seat, the end face of the shoulder, and the connecting parts, such as bushing, washer, end cover and so on. If it is found to be similar to the rust layer, we can file it out with a thin file, then use a fine sand cloth to light, and also clear the surface of the clean bearing assembly and other attachments to the whole machine. This can prevent these things from happening.

Bearing is a fine part, also need to carry on, a good machine, if not used properly, still can not reach the expected high performance effect, so in the use of NTN bearing, we should pay attention to the following points:

(1). Sometimes a little bit of dust will have an incredible impact on the bearing, so we want to keep the bearings around the parts clean and clean, so that some dust can not invade.

2. If we are not careful in using the process and have a strong impact with the bearing, we will create scar and indentation, and become the cause of the accident. In severe cases, cracks and breakages will occur, so we must use them rigorously.

(3). The tools we use in the process must be appropriate, and the operation must be standardized. We must use special tools to prevent the replacement of the existing tools, such as professional sleeve, professional press, etc.

4. When the general bearing is in operation, it will rust because of the sweat stains on the hand, so it is best to wear a pair of gloves when operating, and pay attention to the clean hand operation.

In order to avoid infection, we can not unpack the bearings before the installation work is completed.


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