How To Distinguish The True And False Bearing?
- Jul 19, 2018 -

1. is the outer packing clear

In general, the brand of the factory has its own special design personnel to carry out the design of foreign packaging, and arrange production conditions of the factory to make production, so the packaging is very clear from line to color, unambiguous, parts of the imported brands are also specially used to protect their intellectual property rights. The unique design.

2. whether the steel print is clear

On the bearing body, there will be brand names, labels and so on. The font is very small, but most of the products in the factory use the technology of steel printing and press the word before it is overheated. So the font is small, but it is deep and very clear. The font of counterfeit products is not only vague, but because of the rough printing technology, the font is floating on the surface, and some can even be easily erased by hand.

3. is there a miscellaneous noise

The left hand holds the inner sleeve of the bearing, and the right hand turns the coat to make it rotate to hear if there is any clutter. Because most of the production conditions of counterfeit products are lagging behind, complete manual workshops, in the process of production, it is unavoidable to add sand and other impurities, hidden in the bearing body, so it will make a noise when rotating. This is the biggest difference between the brand that is strictly enforced and the machine operates.

Whether there is a muddy oil trace on the 4. surface

This should be paid special attention to the purchase of imported bearings. As the domestic antirust technology is not especially home, it is easy to leave thick oil trace to the bearing body when it is used for antirust treatment, and it is sticky and thick on the hand, and the bearings on the imported imported bearings almost can't see the trace of antirust oil. It's supposed to have rustproof oil, but I can't see it.

5. whether the chamfering is uniform

The so - called chamfering of the bearing is the junction of the horizontal and vertical surfaces, and the imitated bearings are unsatisfactory in the parts of these border corners due to the limitation of the production technology.

6. look at the appearance of bearing, bearing light and clean, lower than (delta 8) is fake, the real product model is not afraid of using laser engraved, fake model one wipe off, bearing edge corner black, the real product is not afraid of water does not fade. Fake products can be seen as black mud, or wipe away, or directly use black paint, bearing packaging most of the same thing. It needs to be verified by experience.


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