Introduction Of Lubrication Techniques For INA Imported Bearings In Operation
- Jul 19, 2018 -

When using INA imported bearings, the grease inside him must have antirust effect. The best antirust agent can not dissolve in water. The grease must have a good attachment force so that a layer of oil film can be formed on the surface of the steel to protect it, so that the grease can be maintained when the grease is filled with water.

Grease will soften and cause leakage when machining. When there is vibration, grease will be thrown from the bearing seat to the INA imported bearing. If the mechanical stability of the grease is not enough, the grease will continue to be thrown out of the bearing, which will cause the mechanical disintegration of the soap structure and the damage of the grease. INA bearings operating at a certain temperature must choose grease with proper consistency and good lubrication at the same temperature. Due to mechanical action, aging and increasing pollution, the lubricating base filled in the bearing configuration will gradually lose its lubrication performance. Therefore, the lubrication needs to be constantly supplemented and updated.

It is quite important that the incompatible oil should never be mixed. If two incompatible oils are mixed, the consistency usually softens and may eventually cause damage due to the fat loss. If you do not know the original grease used for INA imported bearings, first remove the old grease inside and outside the bearing before filling the grease.


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