Maintenance Of Bearing And Matters Of Attention
- Jul 19, 2018 -

1. Bearing maintenance

In order to maintain the original performance of the bearing as long as possible in a good state, it must be maintained and overhauled in order to prevent the accident in the bud, ensure the reliability of the operation, and improve the production and economy.

2. The maintenance of bearing

Fine cleaning is to wash the bearings in the cleaning oil while rotating carefully. In addition, the cleaning oil should always be kept clean.

But generally speaking, forging, turning, heat treatment, grinding, superfinishing (polishing, grinding, etc.) are generally required.

From the billet, there are rods, pipes, forgings, cold rolling materials and so on. Then the required process is heat treatment and then grinding, and some important types (above 2000mm diameter) are produced in recent years. After the machining of the CNC car, it can be used as final processing, in short, bearings. There are usually four or five processes in the process. With the different types, structures and Accuracy grades, the processing technology will be quite different.

Attention should be given to the use of bearings.

(1) to keep the bearings and their surroundings clean.

Even small dust that can not be seen by the eyes will bring bad effects to bearings. Therefore, keep the surrounding clean so that the dust will not invade the bearings.

(2) use carefully.

Strong impact on bearing during use will cause scar and indentation, and become the cause of the accident. In severe cases, it will crack and break, so we must pay attention to it.

(3) the use of appropriate operating tools.

Avoid replacing existing tools with proper tools.

(4) to pay attention to the corrosion of the bearing.


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