One-way Bearing Installation Techniques And Matters Needing
- Nov 30, 2018 -

Premature bearing short-lived or loss of accuracy, to a considerable extent is because there is no one-way bearings used in strict accordance with the requirements for installation.In order to guarantee long life of bearing, we should pay attention to the common problems in the installation.

1. The surface must ensure that the installation and the installation environment is clean, if the content of the one-way bearing burr, iron filings, dust and other foreign matter to enter, can make the bearing running noise and vibration, and even damage raceway and rolling body.

2. Before installation must clean the bearing, because the one-way bearing, before they go out in order to protect the surface of raceway and rolling element is not rust, between the raceway and rolling body injected with anti-rust oil or antirust grease.So, you must clean with clean gasoline and kerosene, besmear again clean and high quality or high speed high temperature lubricant can be used.However, some closed bearings and coated with rust of dual-purpose oil lubricating bearing, it is not need to wash.Cleanliness of bearing life and the influence of vibration noise is very big.

3. Choose the correct grease.Grease made out of base oil, thickener and additive, different types and different type of same kind grease properties vary widely, allowing the rotation of the limit, and the performance of the grease is also determined by the base oil, thickener and relationship with lubrication performance, thickening agent, water resistance to the water resistance of the grease.The basis of generally low viscosity oil is suitable for low temperature, high speed;High viscosity is suitable for high temperature, high load.Different brands of grease can not be mixed, and even the same thickening agent of grease, will also bring bad influence each other on the basis of different additives.


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