One Way Clutch Bearings Features & Applications
- Dec 20, 2018 -

One Way Clutch bearings or Sprag Bearings are constructed from a drawn cup with needle roller clutches and have a small radial section height. They are often called One Way Bearings, Anti-Reverse Bearings and Clutch bearings. The units are compact, lightweight and operate directly on a shaft; they are also suitable for transmitting high torque.

One Way Bearings are designed to transmit torque between the shaft and housing in one direction and allow free motion in the opposite direction. Proper mounting is easily accomplished with a simple press fit in the housing. Clutches and clutch and bearing assemblies are offered both in inch and metric series. One Way Bearings without bearing assemblies are indicated by suffix: HF/FC/RC. One Way Bearings with bearing assemblies are indicated by suffix: HFL/FCB/RCB.


• HFL series has two integral radial bearings arranged on both sides of needle roller clutch. They can therefore support radial forces in particularly space-saving bearing arrangements.
• Plastic springs (HFL...KF) are available for some sizes.
• Partially knurled outer ring (HFL...R) is available upon request.
• A special tool is suggested when assembling the clutch and bearing assembly. For details please contact our engineers.
• Only after the clutch and bearing assembly has been pressed into the hole of the housing, the drawn thin-walled outer ring could then obtain its final dimension and geometric accuracy.
• The transmissible torque and the stresses which can be taken by the housing are subject to the material and the wall thickness of the housing, and such data is needed upon enquiry.
• The clutch and bearing assembly can be normally used in temperature range from -30°C to 120°C. For the working environment above 70°C, oil lubrication is recommended.


• Torque can be transmitted by either the housing or the shaft.
• Torque is positively transmitted by rollers that wedge against interior ramps.
• Transition from free motion to lock occurs with minimal backlash or lost motion.
• Available as clutch-only or as a clutch and bearing assembly.
• Clutch-only units should be used with external radial support to hold the shaft and housing.


• Paper moving for copiers, fax machines, paper towel dispensers, etc.
• Exercise equipment
• Appliances
• Two-speed gearboxes
• Rack indexing drives
• Converters, non-return devices and transcendental clutches.
• Fishing Reels, RC Cars, RC Helis, RC Engines


Although the outer cup of the clutch is accurately drawn from strip steel, it can go slightly out of round during heat treat. When the assembly is pressed into a ring gage or properly prepared housing of correct size and wall thickness, it becomes round and properly sized. Direct measurement of the outside diameter of a drawn cup assembly is an incorrect procedure. The proper inspection procedure is as follows:

1. Press the assembly into a ring gage of the proper size as given in the tabular data.

2. Gage the bore with the specified plug gages of the proper size, as given in the tables of dimensions.

3.The locking plug is rotated to insure lockup when the clutch is operated at low limit shaft and is mounted in a high limit housing strong enough to properly size

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