Tapered Roller Bearing Classification And Its Characteristics
- Dec 07, 2018 -

A, single row circular cone roller bearings
Single row circular cone roller bearings have a outer ring, internal ring and a set of conical roller cage by basket shape everything into an inner ring components, outer ring and inner ring components can be separated.In addition, the single row circular cone roller bearings can adjust the size of the clearance during the installation process.These bearings can only limit shaft or a direction of the shell axial displacement, carry axial load in one direction.
Second, double row circular cone roller bearings
Double row tapered roller bearing outer ring (or inner ring) is a whole, the two inner ring or outer ring small face close, middle baffle.These bearings in bear radial load at the same time it can be subject to bi-directional load, can be within the scope of the bearing axial clearance limit shaft or shell two-way axial movement.
Three, four row circular cone roller bearings
This kind of bearing performance and double row circular cone roller bearings basic same, but the than double row tapered roller bearing radial load is bigger, limit rotational speed is a bit low, mainly used in heavy machinery, such as rolling mill, etc.
More than four, sealed double, four row circular cone roller bearings
Sealed double, four row circular cone roller bearings, change the sealed bearing with traditional design method, by adopting the combination of sealing and dustproof new type sealing structure, improve the sealing effect, improve the sealing performance.Compared with open structure bearing, life expectancy increased by 20% - 40%, lubricant consumption reduced by 80%.
Through the above introduction, you a better understanding of classification and characteristics of tapered roller bearing, the choice of believe in the future, in use process will be more handy.With the development of the society, the progress of technology, I think the types of circular cone roller bearings will be more and more rich, can satisfy our demand.


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