What Are The Functions Of The Five Parts Of The Rolling Bearing?
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Rolling bearings are usually composed of four parts: inner ring, outer ring, rolling body and cage. In addition, lubricants have a great influence on the performance of rolling bearings, so lubricants are sometimes used as the fifth major parts of rolling bearings.

The 5 parts of the bearing have the following functions:

1, the inner ring is usually tightly aligned with the shaft and rotates together with the shaft.

2. The outer ring is usually fitted with the housing of the bearing hole or the housing of the mechanical part to play a supporting role. However, in some applications, the outer ring is rotated, the inner ring is fixed, or the inner and outer rings are rotated.

3. The rolling body is evenly arranged between the inner ring and the outer ring by means of a cage. Its shape and size directly affect bearing capacity and service performance of bearings.

4, the cage will separate the rolling body evenly, guide the rolling body to move on the right track, improve the load distribution and lubrication performance of the bearing.


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