What Are The Reasons For The Heating Of The Bearings?
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Bearings are widely used in the machinery industry. What are the reasons for the mechanical rotation to cause the bearing to generate heat?

1, the installation of the bearing is somewhat skewed. When the precision of the bearing table is retreated, the perpendicularity of the bearing block and the end face of the shaft is not guaranteed, and the inner and outer ring of the bearing will be deflected after the installation. If the rolling body does not roll in the correct position of the bearing raceway, there will be overload in the raceway, which will cause the bearing to overheat.

2. It may be inappropriate to add grease. In the process of bearing operation, lubrication is very important, this is because for both sides are sealed bearings, not to add grease, the correct use can ensure its normal life.

3, and that is, the coordination between the bearings is not reasonable. With the bearing's inner hole and outer ring, the tolerance tolerance of bearing table and bearing chamber is super.


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