​Wheel Hub Bearing Informations
- Jan 14, 2019 -

Wheel Hub Bearings


Wheel hub bearing unit is an important part of your car's wheelassembly, enabling your wheels to turn freely and playing a crucial role in the safety and handling characteristics of your vehicle. Comprised of precisionmanufactured bearings, seals and sensors in one preassembled unit, a wheel hub bearing unit is critical to your car's performance, from the smoothness of the ride, to fuel efficiency, to the integrity of your anti-lock breaking system (ABS). So when it's time to replace one, you'll want a replacement hub bearing that's as good – and safe – as the original that came with your car when it was new.

Wheel Hub Bearing is also be called wheel bearing, is a key unit of a car's suspension system. It supports the hub on the axle or spindle and make sure the wheel to stay in the correct place when it rolls down the path. Bearings are part of general maintenance on all cars and should be often examined.

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