Robot and Machine Tools Crossed Roller Bearing RB30025

Robot and Machine Tools Crossed Roller Bearing RB30025 1.Product Description 2.We can offer following series cross roller bearings . RU series: RU42 RU66 RU85 RU124 RU148 RU178 RU124X RU148X RU178X RU124G RU148G RU178G RU228 RU297 RU445 RU228X RU297X RU445X RU228G RU297G RU445G SX series:...

Product Details

Robot and Machine Tools Crossed Roller Bearing RB30025

1.Product  Description

Product Name

Crossed Roller Bearing

Model Number


Brand Name

OEM or THK or other famous brand


Cross roller




Bearing steel


Z1V1 Z2V2 Z3V3

Precision Rating

P0 P2 P4 P5 P6

Number of Row

Single Row




CNC Machines ,robot ,precise instrument , medical instruments


ISO 9001:2008, SASO,CE,PVOC

2.We can offer following series cross roller bearings .

RU series:

RU42  RU66  RU85  RU124  RU148  RU178  RU124X  RU148X  RU178X  RU124G  RU148G  RU178G  RU228  RU297  RU445  RU228X  RU297X  RU445X  RU228G  RU297G  RU445G


SX series:

SX011814  SX011818  SX011820  SX011824  SX011828  SX011832  SX011836  SX011840  SX011848  SX011860 SX011868 SX0118/500


RA series:

RA5008  RA6008  RA7008  RA8008  RA9008  RA10008  RA11008  RA12008  RA13008  RA14008  RA15008  RA16013   RA17013   RA18013   RA19013   RA20013


RE series:

RE2008   RE2508   RE3010   RE3510   RE4010   RE4510   RE5013   RE6013   RE7013    RE8016   RE9016   RE10016    RE10020   RE11012   RE11015   RE11020   RE12016  RE12025 RE13015   RE13025  RE14016  RE14025   RE15013  RE15025   RE15030   RE16025  RE17020  RE18025  RE19025  RE20025  RE20030  RE20035   RE22025    RE24025   RE25025   RE25030  RE25040  RE30025   RE30035  RE30040 RE35020 RE35025   RE40035   RE40040   RE45025   RE50025  RE50040  RE50050  RE60040  RE70045   RE80070   RE90070   RE1000110   RE1250110


RB series:

RB2008   RB2508   RB3010   RB3510   RB4010   RB4510   RB5013   RB6013   RB7013   RB8016   RB9016   RB10016   RB10020   RB11012   RB11015   RB11020   RB12016   RB12025   RB13015   RB13025   RB14016   RB14025   RB15013   RB15025   RB15030   RB16025   RB17020   RB18025   RB19025   RB20025   RB20030   RB20035   RB22025   RB24025   RB25025   RB25030   RB25040   RB30025   RB30035   RB30040   RB35020RB40035   RB40040   RB45025   RB50025   RB50040   RB50050   RB60040   RB70045   RB80070   RB90070   RB1000110   RB1250110


Any question please don’t hesitate to contact with us , we will reply soon . Thanks .



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